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Glenroy Browne's Close Quarter Combat Grappling System

The Close Quarter Combat Grappling System that specializes in
self-defense that works within the confines of the law for
the smaller, weaker, less athletic defender.

Discover the Ultimate Fighting System that Will Empowers You to Overcome Any Opponent with Ethical Self-Defense techniques that Actually Work..

Unleash your inner warrior with our unique blend of MMA, kickboxing, and Submission Grappling training to have the most efficient and effective form of self-defense behind when you need it.

Become a force to be reckoned with as you learn self-defense tactics and strategies tailored for all types of defenders.

Join our specialized workshops designed for law enforcement, security personnel, doormen and for women, and children in various situational scenarios.

Our Main Objectives

To Simplify The Art of Self-Defense.

And to develop your ability to deal with aggression and violence to the point that you can be calm when under pressure because you know that you will be safe.

Meet The Head Coach

Glenroy Browne

Founder & Creator of The CQC Grappling System

- Head Instructor & Coach at CQC Grappling
- International Bodyguard
- International Self-Defense Instructor for
   security companies
- International Combat Sports Instructor

- Certified Nutritionist
- Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Weight Management Specialist

Martial arts competitor, Instructor & Coach since 1989

Founder of The B.S.R. System a street self-defense system that works within the confines of the law for the smaller, weaker, less athletic person trying to defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, more athletic attacker who knows how to fight.

When violence or aggression comes at you,
wouldn't you like to know, that you
have the ability to handle it.

Are you tired of being afraid and being bullied by bigger people?
(Violent spouses and the general public since Covid 19)

Are you worried about your family and kids safety?
(Home invasions, sex trafficking, bullies at school, a group of kids attacking one child)

Does your job put you at risk?
(Security, Police, modelling, sex worker)

We have a program that will work for you no matter
your size, age, gender, morals or handicap.

and we will prove it before you
you join a program.

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Empower Yourself with Ethical Self-Defense techniques that Actually Work.

Why get charged for defending yourself?

At CQC Grappling, we believe in practical self-defense techniques that are efficient and effective in real-life situations and they must also work within the confines.

Join our exclusive small group classes to accelerate your learning and master the skills of self-protection.

Experience the difference with CQC Grappling, where we focus on empowering individuals through ethical martial arts training.

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Our classes are for everyone

We are a Personal Training Facility this means that you will get a lot of one on one time with instructors which means that you will learn faster here than you would at bigger gyms with large classes.  If you want to learn how to protect yourself in a short amount of time then we are definitely for you, and if you would like to develop really quickly at a combat sport then again we are for you. 


Our classes are great for you, even if you are just a beginner.  We do start with simple techniques that work.


And if you are looking for something that works for the smaller, weaker, less athletic defender then we are for you.


Why? Because we prove that what we teach works, before you even join any of our programs.

Unleash Your Potential Today

Welcome to Glenroy Browne’s CQC Grappling System, where warriors are forged and champions are made!

We offer MMA, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling, and Boxing programs to empower you with unbeatable self-defense skills.

Combat Sports Training and competition is a great way to release energy, to get into great shape and a healthy way to see where your at in a specific area of self-defense.

Join us to experience the thrill of mastering combat sports. that work for everyone, regardless of size or athleticism. Are you ready to unleash your inner warrior?

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

What Makes Us Unique?

At CQC Grappling, we offer a revolutionary system that combines MMA, kickboxing, and Submission Grappling. Our approach is tailored for the smaller, weaker, and less athletic defender, making self-defense accessible to everyone!

Who Can Benefit from Our Workshops?

Our specialized workshops cater to police, security personnel, doormen and women, and children facing specific situational circumstances.  Join us to learn effective self-defense strategies within the boundaries of the law!

Is CQC Grappling Right for Me?

Whether you're a seasoned fighter or a complete beginner, CQC Grappling welcomes individuals of all skill levels.  Join us and experience the thrill of mastering the art of self-defense!

Why Choose CQC Grappling?

Small Group Classes - Learn faster and a lot more one on one time with instructor.

Price - Price of large group classes at other gyms is what you pay for semi-private classes and you get everything at just one price.

A Great Training Atmosphere - All training sessions are done in a safe and friendly atmosphere with progressive resistance as you improve. We also pride ourselves in developing and having great training partners.

☁️ Best offers ☁️ Free delivery ☁️ Perfect design ☁️ Comfort ☁️ Support 24/7 ☁️ Vibes
☁️ Best offers ☁️ Free delivery ☁️ Perfect design ☁️ Comfort ☁️ Support 24/7 ☁️ Vibes

Are You Ready to be able to
Defend Yourself?
Join Now!