What is The CQC Grappling System

It is a system that believes that a strong defensive base is the most important thing to develop because an efficient and effective defense will help you to survive against a much bigger, stronger, aggressive attacker.

It is a system that also believes that everyone can do self-defense, but not that everyone can become a great fighter.

Why? Because in self-defense you are not required to beat your attacker.

It is a system that knows if you choose to fight on the street or to become a combat sports competitor then you will need to have conditioning, heart, technique, good strategies and some good battle tested combat tactics.

The CQC Grappling System is a core group of Positions, with Rules for transitions, backed with Strategies & Tactics that do not need any athletic ability to be effective. Then as your athletic ability develops you will then add more techniques, strategies and tactics to your game that will work for you.

So, every student is taught the core of the system and then as an individual given the time to grow and to develop their own form of self protection that works for them under the pressure of a progressively resisting opponent.

All of the core techniques, strategies and tactics come from moves that have been used and proven to work for the smaller, weaker, non athletic person defending themselves against a bigger, stronger, athletic attacker.

People always ask is their a difference between sport and street, the answer is yes, but the truth is that the person who would win in the street fight is the same person who would win in a full contact combative sport because when it comes right down to it the better conditioned combat athlete who can fight in all the ranges of combat will win 95% of the time.

The only way that a less athletic fighter could win against a bigger, stronger, more athletic attacker would be during the verbal and pre-emptive strike stage of the confrontation " was your attack and finish effective " or else after the first contact was made is your survival strategy and tactics efficient and effective.

That's it, that's the bottom line, no secret moves or mystical techniques. If you do not have a superior strategy the superior athlete that can fight will win 95% of the time and an MMA fighter, a Thai-boxer or Submission Grappler they are all combat athletes who have highly developed fighting instincts and reflexes and self-defense at the end of the day is still about fighting for your life.

So if you are not sparring in class with progressive resistance against an uncooperative opponent then how do you really know if you have the ability to defend yourself when it really counts.

Don't be fooled and use common sense, You are not going to beat a trained combat fighting athlete who decides to attack you on the street with a simple bite or kick to the groin or eye poke.


Well, what type of a person usually does well in combat sports? A highly competitive, motivated, pain tolerant, well conditioned, focused individual who is a well trained fighter. Now take that person and tell them that they can bite, eye gouge and if they want they can use a weapon against their opponent and you now have an animal that most athletic and especially non-athletic people can not handle and that is why all this talk about just poke the attacker in the eye or bite them or just kick them in the groin and you will get away is just a lot of B.S. but what I can guarantee you, is that if you try one of those techniques you will now have an even more pissed off attacker who now wants to do more damage to you than when they started.

If you choose or are forced to fight someone like that then either your athletic ability is up there with your opponent or else your survival strategy better be far superior to their drive to want to kick your butt.

In CQC GRAPPLING we have a saying?

If we can't make you good, then we will have to make you strong.
So that your athleticism can help you to survive a violent confrontation.

The CQC Grappling System's specialty is the ability to survive and to escape from the inferior positions.

Why? Because CQC Grappling understands that in the street and in competition you will not always have the ability to get out of the inferior positions. So, in The CQC Grappling System we train to survive in the inferior positions until the opportunity to escape or to finish our attacker presents itself.

The CQC Grappling System teaches striking and grappling, but for self-defense there is a strong emphasis on close range striking and grappling because in the street you are usually surprised or you are the smaller person in the conflict.

The most important thing that you need to remember is that the difference
between fighting and self-defense is your mindset.

Fighting is all about winning. It is all about being able to finish your opponent by any means necessary and that does require the development of physical and mental attributes.

Self-Defense your goals are to avoid confrontation and if attacked your only objective is to minimize the amount of damage that your attacker can do to you until you can safely escape and/or finish your attacker but at no time are you focusing on finishing your opponent. 

Why Train With Us?

and we will prove that what we teach works within the confines of the law and that what we teach for
self-defense does work for the smaller,
weaker, less athletic defender.
  • SMALL GROUP CLASSES - During class you will receive a lot of one on one time with the instructor and when you compare our pricing you pay group class rates for for semi private lessons.
  • A GREAT TRAINING ATMOSPHERE - All training sessions are done in a safe and friendly atmosphere with progressive resistance as you improve. We also pride ourselves in developing and having great training partners.
  • WE TEACH YOU EVERYTHING AT ONE PRICE - We will teach you MMA, Boxing, Thai-Boxing, Submission Grappling and Self-Defense all for the same one price there is no extra costs to train in multiple programs.
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON IS - We actually care that you improve and you will see that in how we teach you, because we train you as an individual person with different needs compared to the next person.

CQC Grappling's
          Training Philosophy

I would prefer to know my limitations, rather than having a false sense of invincibility
What that means is that I would like to know that I can beat a 250lb fighter
Than get into a confrontation with one and then find out I can't.

If you are interested in what works, then you can not accept something without proof.
If you do accept something without proof, then you are no longer looking
for something that works. but fooling yourself with a delusion.

The ability to perform under pressure and adapt to your opponents strategy should
be your ultimate goal when training for the reality of combat and that will be
based on your ability to stay calm in a chaotic situation.

Train for the Street, adjust for Sports and have fun Learning the Arts.
This is the most important Training Philosophy
That you should live and train by.