Our Kids Self-Defense

Know that your child can defend themselves because we teach an effective
form of self-defense first and sport second.

Street Self-Defense Programs

The first thing we teach kids is how to deal with aggression on the street. The bully and how to deal with an adult trying to take them away (kidnapping) and no they are not going to armbar an adult.

Then the kids will move on to the combat sports programs that they would like to learn and/or to compete in.

Kids must be at least 12yrs old to start our combative program and/or combat sports with striking involved. 

Combat Sports Programs

Combat sports training is a great outlet for kids.  In the right training atmosphere it is a great way to develop healthy characteristics in children.

Kids 5 to 12 will be taught Submission Grappling for safety reasons.

Kids 13 and up will have other options being MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing or they can choose to start training in The Combative Program.

Kids Class Schedule

Kids 5 to 8

Monday to Friday
4pm - 4:45pm

Kids 9 to 12

Monday to Friday
5pm - 5:45pm

Kids 13 to 17

Monday to Friday
6pm - 6:45pm