CQC Grappling's
Specialized Workshops
are Situational Driven Classes.

What do you do when your job becomes a handicap?
(Police, Security Guard, Doorman, Bouncer, Modelling, Bi-Law, etc...)

CQC Grappling's Specialized Workshops
Answers Questions Like These .

What do you do when all of a sudden your attacked at close range?
Because of your job you may be required to handcuff someone or you may have to stay within a close proximity of an aggressive individual who suddenly lashes out.  Learn what to do when that happens.

How do you control someone without them being able to hurt you and you not accidently hurt them?
Because of your job you may have to learn how to hold an aggressive resisting individual in a way that they cannot hurt you and you may be required to protect them from hurting themselves while they are thrashing around trying to get away from you.

For women how to deal with abduction and rape scenarios?
An example of a gender specific self-defense situation.  Although we have women's self-defense program it is about defending oneself in a fight and how to deal with aggression from one to multiple attackers and weapons.  A rape scenario is based on you having some type of a relationship with the attacker which is why you are caught off guard when they suddenly attack you and abduction is based on out of the blue someone(s) grabs you with intent to take you somewhere else.