Specialized Workshops

For Job & Gender
Specific Self-Defense Situations
Women's Specific
Self-Defense Workshops

What are you going to do when your already in a situation that you can not talk your way out of.  Kidnappings, Rapes, etc...

Job Specific
Self-Defense Workshops

What do you do when your job becomes a handicap. (Security Guard, Doorman, Bouncer, Modelling, Police, etc...)

There are many different types of self-defense workshops that we do and that I have done all over the world.  These workshops are just techniques, tactics and strategies added to the introductory program based on situations that arise because of your job and or gender.

Below are a few of the more popular workshops and programs that we do and remember no skill that will work under pressure can be developed over night it will take a lot of practice on your part to do it in a real life attack.

Specialized Workshops

These are some of the programs we do for specialized workshops.
Specialized workshops are situation driven.

Police and Security
How to deal with unexpected aggression up close and personal while appearing responsible with the use of force.
What will you do when a photographer is a little too hands on but you don't want to be black-listed?
Abuse / Rape
What if a man tried to have his way with you against your will when no one is around to help you?