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Why Should You Train Martial Arts?

You don't train in martial arts to go around beating people up.
You train so that just incase trouble comes to you.

Trouble will find out that it should have
stayed away from you.

The CQC Grappling System's Concept
On Self-Defense

Why defend yourself and end up going to jail, only to come out to no job, no house, no car because you missed all of
your payments while in jail.  It is just not worth it to defend yourself and lose everything.

But it would also suck, to have to take a severe beating because you didn't know
how to defend yourself effectively within the confines of the law.

Why is The Introductory
Self-Defense Program Important.

The introductory program is there to teach you how to deal with aggression and how to stay safe against a superior attacker.

In The B.S.R. System, we believe in turning weaknesses into strengths. Our system is not just about defense; it's about empowerment and resilience.

Experience the thrill of outsmarting your opponents and overcoming obstacles with ease. Join the B.S.R. System community and unlock your full potential today!

With The B.S.R. System, you're not just a defender; you're a warrior ready to face any challenge head-on. Embrace the power within you and conquer every battle that comes your way.

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The B.S.R. System

Welcome to The B.S.R. System, where strength is not measured by muscles but by strategy. Our innovative Personal Protection System is designed for the underdog, the smaller, and the less athletic defender.

Don't let size or athleticism hold you back from feeling safe and empowered. With The B.S.R. System, you can stand tall against any challenge, no matter how big or intimidating.

Join the revolution of self-defense and discover a new level of confidence and security with The B.S.R. System. It's time to redefine what it means to be a defender.

When it comes to self-defense on the street you must follow certain guidelines
to be able to claim that what you are doing is self-defense.

(1) Be the one trying to de-escalate the situation. (2) Protect yourself using any means necessary without the intent to hurt your adversary. (3) If you have to fight back then you must only use as much force as necessary.

The rough part is on the street you will most likely be the one on the defensive, weathering the storm of your attacker because on the street you are usually caught of guard by your attacker and usually you will be the smaller, weaker and sometimes the less athletic person in the confrontation.

So, with that understanding The CQC Grappling System's Self-Defense program is The B.S.R. System which is a self-defense system that works within the confines of the law for the smaller, weaker and the less athletic defender caught up in a confrontation against a combat athlete and we prove it.

The B.S.R. System is a defensive program that is based on a physically superior opponent attacking a smaller, weaker, non athletic defender who must survive until a mistake or an opportunity to counter happens which is why we start most of your learning from the inferior positions.

The B.S.R. System in the intermediate and advanced sections has a strong emphasis on how to deal with multiple attackers and weapons.  These sections are what makes up The CQC Grappling Combative Program.

Why Do We Train With Progressive Sparring?

Because it is the best way to develop the necessary reflexes needed for self-defense and it is the best way to develop your self-confidence plus it will let you know what you are capable of doing.

Progressive sparring is not hard sparring it is about increasing the resistance you put on your training partner with the safety of your training partner as the priority. Competing in a combat sport is not necessary to get really good at self-defense, but sparring with progressive resistance is.

The B.S.R. System:
The Ultimate Protection System
Empowering the Underdog.

We will prove that our tactics and strategies that are taught, work and that they will work within the confines of the law and for the smaller, weaker, less athletic defender.
Innovative Defense

A revolutionary approach to self-defense, tailored to the smaller defender, turning weakness into strength.

Empowerment Gear

Gear up with confidence because our techniques are designed to level the playing field.

Fearless Defender

Unleash your inner warrior with The B.S.R. System, fearlessly protecting yourself and others.

The B.S.R. System

Your trusted companion in the face of danger, always by your side to keep you safe.


Absolutely! The B.S.R. System is designed to empower individuals of all backgrounds and abilities to protect themselves effectively.

Because when learn The B.S.R. System for self-defense the chances of you getting charged for defending yourself is close to nil.

The B.S.R. System focuses on innovative techniques and personalized strategies tailored for individuals who lack in the physical attributes of their attacker while traditional martial arts try to beat the crap out of a bigger, stronger more athletic attacker.

Good luck with that.

We will prove that it will work for you before you even join.

Join the B.S.R. Revolution Today!

The CQC Grappling Combative Program

For When Extreme Measures Are Needed.

In this program it is all about destroying your opponent without prejudice,
most times techniques taught here will be considered
excessive force if it was not necessary.

You are able to start in this program without first doing
The B.S.R. beginners level first.